Sunday, 28 February 2016

COMEDY & JOKES: 'Oya laugh and light up your day'

This is to help spice up your day as you go about your various business engagements for the day... stay safe and stay blessed my people...

Oya read this Akpors matter;

Three thieves, Akpos, Emeka and Eze, were taken to court, and found guilty.

Emeka stole a tin of sardine. The judge sentenced him to three years in prison because there were three fish in the tin.

Eze stole a tray of eggs, he got 30 years in prison because a tray of egg contains 30 eggs.

Akpos collapsed. He stole a bag of rice

"lol... you can imagine how many years he will get as sentence by the time the count the grain of rice in the bag..hahhahaha LMAO"

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