Friday, 5 February 2016

"I was once a 'Moi Moi' seller" - Osinachi crooner Humblesmith

Humblesmith in an interview with Galaxy TV this morning confirmed that back then before he became the famous 'Osinachi' crooner... he use to hawk 'moi moi' on the street of Ebonyi state. He was a 'moi moi seller moving from street to street to sell.

He stated that it was a family business which he was involved in with his brothers and sisters for family survival. 'He use to carry blocks at building sites and clear the bushes at construction sites' The struggle for survival brought him to Lagos and now the rest is history. The talented young man further confirmed that at a time he felt frustrated and felt maybe the music thing was just a waste of time for him. He had to go to church to pray and ask God 'why is it not working for him?'
But then he felt 'since music was what he knows how best to do, he was just gonna use it to praise God' and that lead to the hit single Osinachi.

When the interviewer asked him how he met Davido for the super collaboration for 'Osinachi Rmx'? He said, Davido called him up and offered to feature in the hit song remix. 'Davido loved my song and was constantly promoting my song through his social media handles; Twitter, Instagram ... then later on he called me and offered to do the remix'. 'Ife nna cho na ukelu kam furu na uke ani' an igbo proverb which means "That which i was praying for God gave to me with ease, without me sweating for it".

Humblesmith disclosed that he would love to work with Flavour Nabania, Timaya and Wizkid.

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