Monday, 29 February 2016

Panic grips Abuja community as 27 die from strange illness

                     Headache-deaths An uneasy atmosphere has gripped the Saburi 1 community in Abuja following the death of 27 people – Local authorities claim only 16 people died, but residents claim otherwise – The deceased where reportedly killed by some strange illness – Witnesses say the illness caused sever headaches and stomachaches leading to the death of the victims – Locals claim the illness and deaths occurred after a ritual by the village head – Residents have cried out to the government, asking that an investigation be launched –
A plea for the availability of a community health-centre has also been made The Saburi 1 community has been thrown into frenzy, following a mysterious headache and stomach-pain which led to the death of 27 children and youths. Sources say there was panic at the village situated opposite Mopol Barracks along Kubwa expressway in Abuja, as no one could fathom the disease cause nor proffer a cure to the ailment. Vanguard reports that the village chief, Alhaji Mohammed Yamawo traveled out of Abuja for an urgent assignment as of press time. However, his son, Alhaji Halidu Mohammed confirmed that 16 people whose ages ranged between 10 and 25 years had been officially reported at the palace to have died within the last two weeks. Alhaji Mohammed said: “Families of the deceased persons came to the palace that their sons and daughters complained of headache and stomach pains and died just like that before they could reach Kubwa General Hospital or Garki General Hospital.” “We do not have big hospital in our community except for few private ones that look more or less like chemists.” “The chief invited some medical experts from town to come and uncover the cause of the sudden deaths but the Doctors could not pin the headache or stomach pains to any sickness or disease,” Mohammed noted.

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