Sunday, 20 March 2016

A mother shares photo of her 2 duct-taped children for sale on Facebook and gets into trouble

A Memphis, Tennessee mother is at the center of controversy after she posted a photo of her two children and said they were for sale because they were bad. She wrote:'Kids For Sale, 45% Off because they bad' on facebook.  The photo was posted by a Facebook user named Jaton Justsilly Jaibabi.
A lot of people were outraged when they saw the photo of the girls. However, the family members of the poster said it was a joke.
See the unedited version of the kids. See how sad they look :-(

Joke or not, authorities in Memphis have now launched an investigation into the woman and the treatment of her children. She has since deactivated her Facebook account
The poster is the one on the left
However, her cousin, Derion Dewayne King, who came to her defence has come under severe fire from the public. Read what he wrote and some of the responses from the public below:

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