Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Azadus blast Lepacious Bose for her rant on celebs ignoring Nomoreloss before his death

Comedienne Lepacious Bose took to her Instagram page to slam celebs and 'fakers' for abandoning Nomoreloss who died on Monday, March 21st and only celebrating him after his death. According to her, a lot of the people posting messages and updating their chat app DPs and social media pages with the late entertainer’s photos didn’t really care about him while he was sick and dying.

Azadus also took to Instagram to disagree with her and defend himself and other celebs over her conclusion, stating that they did not keep in touch with Nomoreloss doesn’t mean they do not wish him well.

He wrote NETng's Instagram page

"May his soul Rest in peace but i totally disagree with Lepacious Bose. Not having his number or keeping in touch doesn't make him less of anybody's friend, it also doesn't mean we don't wish each other well.

When my friend refuse to check me up, or the other way round, it simply means they believe i'm doing pretty good. It was this same way when i heard he got a deal in Yanky and i personally had a chat wiv him in celebration of his achievement. I even spoke wiv the guy who signed him.

See, i'll rather put the blame on people who knew abt his dilapidating health but won't speak out. You could have said this same thing when he was alive. A true friend owes a true friend as lil as that. Don't mean to hurt anyone wiv these words but i won't tolerate anyone making me feel guilty thanx".

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