Saturday, 5 March 2016

Charlie Sheen Money is Tight I Can't Pay Ridiculous Child Support

Charlie Sheen is asking for a drastic reduction in his child support because the financial well is now running dry.

Charlie currently pays Brooke Mueller $55,000 a month for twins Bob and Max, but now says his earnings have dramatically dropped. Charlie says he had been raking in $613,000 a month, just from his cut of the "Two and a Half Men" profits. He says he recently had to sell those rights for a lump sum of $26,750,000. He doesn't say what happened to the stash.

Charlie says he now averages $87,384 a month, and last month got a relatively paltry $6,261. He says he now can't keep up, because his monthly expenses total $105,000, and $25,000 is for health care expenses not covered by insurance.

Sheen also says he owes nearly a million bucks in legal fees and credit card debts approaching $600k.

He doesn't say how much he can now afford.

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