Tuesday, 29 March 2016

"He put his hands in my pants"-Elton John's former bodyguard sues him for sexual harassment

Music royalty, Sir Elton John has been slammed with a new lawsuit launched by a former bodyguard who makes some nasty allegations of sexual harassment on the job.

According to TMZ, the “Candle in The Wind” singer is being sued by former bodyguard Jeffrey Wenninger, who cites three separate 2014 in which he claims Sir Elton grabbed his private parts.

Two of the occurrences happened in a car, in which the 69-year-old rocker allegedly put his hands in Wenninger’s pants and said, “Get your todger out,” and, in the second incident, “Say hello to Uncle Elton.”  It is also alleged Sir Elton tried to place his fingers between Mr Wenninger's buttocks.

Wenninger also notes another incident in which John twisted his nipples and said, “You gorgeous thing, you.”

The former security guard, who is believed to have stopped working with Sir Elton in September 2014, claims he attempted to verbally and physically resist, but allegedly didn’t stop the star.

Mr Wenninger worked for Sir Elton from 2002 to 2014. The lawsuit states that he is seeking unspecified damages for being ‘placed in fear for his physical well-being’, adding that he ‘suffered and continues to suffer extreme pain and mental anguish to his mind and body.’

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