Friday, 4 March 2016

I apologies bro... you're the current king of comedy - Katt Williams apologizes to Kevin Hart

Comedian Katt Williams has been bashing Kevin Hart for sometime now. Calling him a puppet and other names. After he was blasted by fans for hating on a successful black man because he was jealous, Katt Williams backtracked and yesterday showed up on the Big Tigger Show on V103 in Atlanta to apologize to Kevin, dubbing him the current King of Comedy.

“I want to offer a humongous apology to Kevin Hart…I should have never mentioned Kevin’s Hart’s name. He is the reigning King of Comedy if you ask the popular consensus. The fact that he’s a Black man like me and the fact that I attacked him with such vitriol at time when our country is already divided in every way it can be divided…" 
"The fact that I, while being on stage pretending to be higher than that, would then stood down to same level and try to embarrasses Kevin Hart in front of his children and love ones after all the hard work he’s done since the year 2002 is just regrettable on my part so I humbly apologize to not only Kevin Hart, but Hart Beat Productions, the Plastic Cup Boys and anybody associated with Kevin Hart…that was a mistake on my part because I don’t love Kevin. I love Torrie [Hart]. Torrie is my friend…”

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