Sunday, 13 March 2016

Terrible experience: My ordeal in the hands of Nigeria police men - RQ blog reader

 Read what he wrote below: if this is exactly how it happened then it too bad

Was driving today from my village to umuahia when men of the Nigeria police stopped me. They checked my vehicle particulars, and they were all complete. They asked for my driver's license and I gave them my temporary card which expired on 28th Feb, 2016, but road safety officials have refused to give me the extension that I applied for.
They told me it was expired and, I tried to explain to them that it was road safety's responsibility to produce the card for me. They took the card and dropped inside their vehicle and threatened to take me to state Cid umuahia. I was eager to go there and I made them know. Next I heard was a dirty slap on my face. 
I warned the man not to do that again.
Next, one of them picked up a heavy stick and started hitting me. The rest joined. I had to run and leave that place leaving my car with them. I was making some calls for men of the Nigeria army to come, next I saw was a car that double crossed me with 3 gun carrying police men.
They took my phones, dragged me back to their checking point like a criminal, bundled me with several beating inside their black Maria for more than one hour thirty minutes before they let me go.
I am still thinking of how to get at those men. I have no plans to let it go like that.

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